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    ENH: support module install prefix (default to user) · 5d2545e1
    Mark Olesen authored
    - adjust Make/{files,options} to install into 'module' locations
      If unset, these will default to FOAM_USER_APPBIN, FOAM_USER_LIBBBIN,
      respectively. This recovers the normal, expected behaviour while still
      supporting direct compilation into the main OpenFOAM directories
      if so desired.
      For OpenFOAM-v2006 and later, these can be controlled with the
      FOAM_MODULE_PREFIX (set with -prefix or -module-prefix) to specify
      different locations.
      For earlier and other OpenFOAM versions, the new configuration files
      will still work, but need to define manually instead. For example,
          FOAM_MODULE_APPBIN=/some/install-path/bin \
          FOAM_MODULE_LIBBIN=/some/install-path/lib \