Commit 9a90f21b authored by mark's avatar mark

DOC: update build information

- now easier to build.

  Pushed some changes into OpenFOAM+ (develop branch).
  Include memory buffer handling as adios 'stream' library
  until it is finalized.
parent 1f565e50
Build dependencies: 2016-05-13
Build dependencies: 2016-07-28
- adios github version.
- develop branch with some extras:
* feature-lagrangian
* feature-iotweaks
* feature-iotweaks2
For OpenFOAM: fetch copy from (remote: origin)
git checkout -b myAdiosMix origin/develop
git merge origin/feature-iotweaks
git merge origin/feature-iotweaks2
git merge origin/feature-lagrangian
rebuild OpenFOAM with these changes
- develop branch.
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