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Minor changes in the testing interface

parent 5f3603b3
......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ Description
#include "triSurf.H"
#include "meshOctree.H"
#include "meshOctreeCreator.H"
#include "triSurfacePatchManipulator.H"
using namespace Foam;
......@@ -62,15 +63,32 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[])
const fileName surfFile(meshDict.lookup("surfaceFile"));
triSurf surf(surfFile);
const triSurf* surfacePtr = new triSurf(surfFile);
meshOctree mo(surf);
meshOctreeCreator(mo, meshDict).createOctreeBoxes();
if( surfacePtr->featureEdges().size() != 0 )
//- create surface patches based on the feature edges
//- and update the meshDict based on the given data
triSurfacePatchManipulator manipulator(*surfacePtr);
const triSurf* surfaceWithPatches =
//- delete the old surface and assign the new one
surfacePtr = surfaceWithPatches;
meshOctree mo(*surfacePtr);
meshOctreeCreator(mo, meshDict).createOctreeWithRefinedBoundary(20, 30);
polyMeshGen pmg(runTime);;
meshSurfaceEdgeExtractorFUN(pmg, mo, false);
Info << "End\n" << endl;
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