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    ENH: minor improvements to environment · 3751ce52
    mark authored
    - handle sourcing bashrc with a relative path (issue #383)
    - handle sourcing from bash and zsh.
      Still need manual intervention when sourcing dash, sh, or ksh.
    - replace grep in etc/cshrc with sed only
    - logical instead of physical path for WM_PROJECT_DIR (issue #431).
      Doesn't seem to be possible for csh/tcsh.
      * Continue using physical locations when comparing directories,
        but not for the top-level FOAM_INST_DIR, WM_PROJECT_DIR.
    - relocate WM_CC, WM_CXX overrides from etc/config.*/compiler
      to etc/config.*/settings to ensure that they are left untouched
      when etc/config.sh/compiler is sourced while making third-party
      packages (eg, gcc, llvm, CGAL).
    - provide fallback FOAM_TUTORIALS setting in RunFunctions
    STYLE: remove "~OpenFOAM" fallback as being too rare, non-obvious
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