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    ENH: revert regionSplit to older algorithm (issue #805) · 413a6618
    Mark Olesen authored
    - the algorithm was last used in OpenFOAM-2.4, after which it was
      replaced with a FaceCellWave version.
      Whereas the original (2.4.x) version exhibited performance
      degradation on very large meshes (with explicit constraints), the
      FaceCellWave version exhibited performance issues with large numbers
      of blocked faces.
      With large numbers of blocked faces, the FaceCellWave regionSplit
      could take between 10 to 100 times longer due to the slow
      propagation speed through blocked faces.
      The 2.4 regionSplit has been revamped to avoid local memory
      allocations, which appears to have been the source of the original
      performance issues on large meshes.
      For additional performance, intermediate renumbering is also avoided
      during the consolidation of regions over processor domains.
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