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    ENH: minMax, minMaxMag as functions and field functions · c6ee663e
    Mark Olesen authored
    - Global functions are unary or combining binary functions, which are
      defined in MinMax.H (MinMaxOps.H).
      There are also global reduction functions (gMinMax, gMinMaxMag)
      as well as supporting 'Op' classes:
      - minMaxOp, minMaxEqOp, minMaxMagOp, minMaxMagEqOp
      Since the result of the functions represents a content reduction
      into a single MinMax<T> value (a min/max pair), field operations
      returning a field simply do not make sense.
    - Implemented for lists, fields, field-fields, DimensionedField,
      GeometricField (parallel reducing, with boundaries).
    - Since the minMax evaluates during its operation, this makes it more
      efficient for cases where both min/max values are required since it
      avoids looping twice through the data.
      * Changed GeometricField writeMinMax accordingly.
    ENH: clip as field function
    - clipping provides a more efficient, single-pass operation to apply
      lower/upper limits on single or multiple values.
        scalarMinMax limiter(0, 1);
           -> returns a const-ref to the value if within the range, or else
              returns the appropriate lower/upper limit
           -> Modifies the value if necessary to be within lower/upper limit
      Function calls
        clip(value, limiter)
           -> returns a copy after applying lower/upper limit
        clip(values, limiter)
           -> returns a tmp<Field> of clipped values
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