Commit 331eece1 authored by Henry Weller's avatar Henry Weller
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ORourkeCollision: Cache access to the UList of parcel pointers for cell

parent fb1ed2e4
......@@ -56,14 +56,16 @@ void Foam::ORourkeCollision<CloudType>::collide(const scalar dt)
for (label celli=0; celli<this->owner().mesh().nCells(); celli++)
if (pInCell[celli].size() >= 2)
UList<parcelType*> pInCelli(pInCell[celli]);
if (pInCelli.size() >= 2)
forAll(pInCell[celli], i)
forAll(pInCelli, i)
for (label j=i+1; j<pInCell[celli].size(); j++)
for (label j=i+1; j<pInCelli.size(); j++)
parcelType& p1 = *pInCell[celli][i];
parcelType& p2 = *pInCell[celli][j];
parcelType& p1 = *pInCelli[i];
parcelType& p2 = *pInCelli[j];
scalar m1 = p1.nParticle()*p1.mass();
scalar m2 = p2.nParticle()*p2.mass();
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