Commit 9ecf5abd authored by Henry Weller's avatar Henry Weller
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simpleFoam: Construct a turbulenceModel rather than RASModel

to support laminar simulations in the new framework.

Unfortunately this allows LES models to be instantiated although they
are not compatible with steady-state simulations.
parent fd457786
...@@ -33,9 +33,10 @@ ...@@ -33,9 +33,10 @@
scalar pRefValue = 0.0; scalar pRefValue = 0.0;
setRefCell(p, simple.dict(), pRefCell, pRefValue); setRefCell(p, simple.dict(), pRefCell, pRefValue);
singlePhaseTransportModel laminarTransport(U, phi); singlePhaseTransportModel laminarTransport(U, phi);
autoPtr<incompressible::RASModel> turbulence autoPtr<incompressible::turbulenceModel> turbulence
( (
incompressible::RASModel::New(U, phi, laminarTransport) incompressible::turbulenceModel::New(U, phi, laminarTransport)
); );
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