Commit d28a72f1 authored by Henry Weller's avatar Henry Weller
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rhoCentralFoam: Updated Courant number calculation to be cell-based rather than face-based

Now consistent with the way the Courant number is calculated for other solvers
parent 0d3bfc0a
......@@ -31,16 +31,12 @@ Description
if (mesh.nInternalFaces())
surfaceScalarField amaxSfbyDelta
scalarField sumAmaxSf(fvc::surfaceSum(amaxSf)().internalField());
CoNum = max(amaxSfbyDelta/mesh.magSf()).value()*runTime.deltaTValue();
CoNum = 0.5*gMax(sumAmaxSf/mesh.V().field())*runTime.deltaTValue();
meanCoNum =
Info<< "Mean and max Courant Numbers = "
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