Commit daffc2b7 authored by mattijs's avatar mattijs

COMP: Allwmake: build order

parent 98ef5be1
...@@ -64,8 +64,12 @@ lagrangian/Allwmake $targetType $* ...@@ -64,8 +64,12 @@ lagrangian/Allwmake $targetType $*
wmake $targetType fvOptions wmake $targetType fvOptions
wmake $targetType fvMotionSolver wmake $targetType fvMotionSolver
# Make sure we have block.H accessible before building overset
wmakeLnInclude -u mesh/blockMesh
wmake $targetType overset wmake $targetType overset
# snappyHexMesh uses overset voxelMesh
mesh/Allwmake $targetType $* mesh/Allwmake $targetType $*
renumber/Allwmake $targetType $* renumber/Allwmake $targetType $*
fvAgglomerationMethods/Allwmake $targetType $* fvAgglomerationMethods/Allwmake $targetType $*
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