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      DEFEATURE: remove broken OFS surfaceFormat (issue #296, #294) · ffc23412
      mark authored
      - This format is fortunately little-used (or never used) since its
        Using raw stream operators to write zones, points and faces in a
        single file was not well thought out - the output content varies
        with the Face template type (face, triFace, labelledFace), which
        makes it not very robust at all.
        The static read in OFSsurfaceFormat also has a bug - keeping
        transcribed faces from being passed through.
        Conclusion: removing it makes more sense that repairing and still
        not having something good.
        Do retain stream operators for MeshedSurface and UnsortedMeshedSurface,
        since they are useful for passing around data
        (eg, between processors), but they shouldn't be used for files.
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      ENH: mergedSurf helper class (fixes #104) · c6077e8b
      mark authored
      - For merging meshedSurf content from parallel sources.
        Ensures zoneIds are properly preserved for sampling in parallel.
      Current state
      Current producers of the region information:
       * sampledTriSurfaceMesh
      Current consumers of the region information:
       * nastran writer. The zone ids passed through as PSHELL Ids (with offset 1).
        The per-face region association is preserved, but the face/element
        sort order gets lost in reconstruction. Would need to attach
        additional information to the sampled surface and use that for
        sorting, but this would also imply that sampled values be written
        indirectly (or resorted) too to match the order. Zone ids are passed
        through, but not their names. After reconstruction, zone ids are no
        longer contiguous. Re-sorting (as mentioned above) would solve this
        too, but again at the cost of more complexity when writing.
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