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      Merge branch 'surface-declutter' into 'develop' · dc4d9313
      Mark OLESEN authored
      Surface declutter - issue #294
      Removing various clutter from surfMesh and triSurface
      - unused classes/files (backup copies on non-release repo)
      - relocate some triSurface-related classes to where they make more sense, and where they can be reused.
      - improve handling of various face types in MeshedSurface and UnsortedMeshedSurface (to bridge the gap to triSurface)
      - improve transfer methods for reclaiming/reusing surface allocations
      See merge request !77
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      ENH: provide ModifiableMeshedSurface class · e6a81e24
      mark authored
      - A special purpose MeshedSurface that exposes the stored values
        for direct modification.
      - Its usage should be restricted to special cases where the surface
        needs modifications as an atomic operation.
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      ENH: provide xfer methods for the meshed surface components. · d50bd5c0
      mark authored
      - the surfMesh classes where originally designed with limited
        (protected) access to the underlying components. This is to
        avoid unintentional direct changes, since these can quickly
        lead to inconsistencies with the topology addressing etc.
        However, if we wish to efficiently adjust surfaces, it is useful
        to modify the components directly.
        The compromise is to provide 'xfer' methods:
          - xferFaces()
          - xferPoints()
          - xferZones()
        These transfer the contents to an Xfer container for reuse, while
        also resetting the topology addressing.  To apply the changes,
        the reset() method is used.
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    • mark's avatar
      ENH: add read/write for labelledTri surfaces (issue #294) · 4a2bc1cf
      mark authored
      - extends existing surfaceFormats to include surfaces with
        labelledTri as their face representation.
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      ENH: support writing of unsorted surface for AC3D format (issue #294) · 61c96aa9
      mark authored
      - needed for triSurface output (when it comes)
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      ENH: surfMesh support for reading compressed binary stl files (issue #294) · 941d3881
      mark authored
      - increases coverage.
      STYLE: relocate some core pieces into fileFormats
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      ENH: better handling of various face types in MeshedSurface (issue #294) · 92d8da97
      mark authored
      - ensure that MeshedSurface and UnsortedMeshedSurface can also work
        with labelledTri faces.
      - nTriangles() convenience method for meshed surfaces
      - MeshedSurface::addZonesToFaces() method to copy zone information
        into the labelledTri per-face region storage.
        The goal is to replace the triSurface reading routines with
        run-time selectable ones from surfMesh.
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      ENH: ensure face, triFace and labelledTri all work consistently (issue #294) · eac3922e
      mark authored
      - triFace() now initialized with '-1', which makes it behave
        equivalently to face(label).
      - supply default region=0 for some labelledTri constructors.
        This allows labelledTri to work more like a triFace and makes it
        easier to use in templated methods and eases conversion from
        triFace to a labelledTri.
      - labelledTri(const labelUList&) can now be used when converting
        from a face. It can have 3 values (use default region)
        or 4 values (with region).
      - face, triFace, labelledTri now all support construction with
        initializer lists. This can be useful for certain types of code.
            triFace     f1{a, b, c};
            face        f2{a, b, c};
            labelledTri f3{a, b, c};
        Work without ambiguity.
        Also useful for templated methods:
            FaceType f{remap[a], remap[b], remap[c]};
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      STYLE: rename MeshedSurfaceProxyCore -> MeshedSurfaceProxys for consistency · a37c58ae
      mark authored
      - it doesn't actually contain 'core' code, but rather various
        instances of MeshedSurfaceProxy.
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      STYLE: relocate surfZoneIdentifier into OpenFOAM/meshes/Identifiers (issue #294) · 63c185f2
      mark authored
      Note that since these actually act more like 'patches'
      (ie, contiguous addressing) it might be reasonable to rename as
          surfPatchIdentifier / surfacePatchIdentifier
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      STYLE: relocate labelledTri into OpenFOAM/meshes/meshShapes (issue #294) · 8b938c06
      mark authored
      - was originally in triSurface, but is used in multiple other places