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      MatrixSpace: 2D (i-j) specialization of VectorSpace · 3ba1d176
      Henry Weller authored
      Provides '(i, j)' element access and general forms of inner and outer
      products, transpose etc. for square and rectangular VectorSpaces.
      VectorSpaces default to be column-vectors as before whereas row-vectors
      may be represented as 1xn MatrixSpaces.  In the future it may be
      preferable to create a specializations of VectorSpace for column- and
      maybe row-vectors but it would add complexity to MatrixSpace to handle
      all the type combinations.
      Tensor is now a 3x3 specialization of MatrixSpace.
      Sub-block const and non-const access is provided via the
      '.block<SubTensor, RowStart, ColStart>()' member functions.  Consistent
      sub-block access is also provide for VectorSpace so that columns of
      MatrixSpaces may be accessed and substituted.
      These new classes will be used to create a more extensive set of
      primitive vector and tensor types over the next few weeks.
      Henry G. Weller
      CFD Direct
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      src/OpenFOAM: changed template rank type from int to Foam::direction · f2b111e2
      Henry Weller authored
      Foam::direction is an unsigned type which makes it easier for the
      compiler to pickup and report errors in the instantiation of
      VectorSpaces and associated types.
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      etc/cshrc, etc/config.csh: foamCompiler -> WM_COMPILER_TYPE · 8c1f5eae
      Henry Weller authored
      for consistency with etc/bashrc and etc/config.sh
      See commit 711ec0e3
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      etc/bashrc, etc/config.sh: Updates provided by Bruno Santos: · 711ec0e3
      Henry Weller authored
       1. "foamCompiler" was changed to a more permanent "WM_COMPILER_TYPE"
          environment variable, so that it can be used by 3rd party
          installation scripts, such as "makeGcc", "makeLLVM" and so on. More
          on this will be provided in issue #1215.
       2. The script functions such as "_foamSource()" and "_foamAddPath()"
          were moved to a new file "etc/config.sh/functions". It has the
          ability to set or unset, depending on whether "WM_BASH_FUNCTIONS" is
          defined or not. This allows for these functions to be reused by
          other scripts, such as "makeGcc".
       3. The script "etc/config.sh/CGAL" relies on whether a local
          environment variable "SOURCE_CGAL_VERSIONS_ONLY" is defined or not,
          so that it will load only the version settings if it's defined. This
          is to make it easier to call this script from "makeCGAL". Although
          it still feels a bit of a clunky hack, but I didn't manage to deduce
          any other way we could do this :( I didn't add indentation within
          the if-block, to make it easier to read the changes. In addition,
          the local variable "common_path" is used to shorten the length of
          the lines and use slightly less repeated code.
       4. Added another new script "etc/config.sh/compiler", which has only
          the version numbers for the compilers taken out from the "settings"
          file. It currently depends on "WM_COMPILER_TYPE" for setting the
          variables, the same way it did with "foamCompiler". This script is
          now always sourced from the "settings" file, for the following
         - "makeGCC" and "makeLLVM" can now take advantage of this script file.
         - The example "compiler" script (detailed next) can rely on this
           script file and then override parameters on-demand, as well as
           allowing for system compilers to have dedicated settings, such as
           setting "WM_CC". This is similar to how the example environment
           script for "paraview" works.
       5. To the script "etc/config.sh/example/compiler" were added a few more examples:
         - It now starts with a block where it first loads the default "compiler" script.
         - Has a "WM_COMPILER=Gcc48u" case example for when we try to use GCC
           4.8 in Ubuntu 15.10. This is just to give the idea that in a
           particular system, we might have several system-wide compiler
           versions. For example, in Ubuntu 15.10, there is GCC 4.7, 4.8 and
           5.2, which could be used for testing performances or compatibility
           with some other 3rd party library.
         - Has the "WM_COMPILER=Icc" case example, related to the original bug
           report, where "WM_CC=icc" and "WM_CXX=icpc", so that the user then
           simply copies this file to their own local preferences folder.
       6. Small bug fix in "etc/config.sh/mpi", where unsetting "minBufferSize" was missing at the end of the script.
       7. Small change in "etc/config.sh/paraview", where "CMAKE_ROOT" is set
          along with "CMAKE_HOME". This is due to a rare issue that occurs on
          people's systems where they have a custom system-wide CMake version
          installed and which is used by having "CMAKE_ROOT" set on that
          environment. This can mess up OpenFOAM's custom ParaView builds,
          given that conflicting CMake versions can lead to not building
          ParaView at all.
         - For more details about "CMAKE_ROOT":
           https://cmake.org/Wiki/CMake_Useful_Variables [^]
       8. The scripts "_foamAddPath _foamAddLib _foamAddMan" were not being
          unset at the end of "settings". They are now unset at the end of
          "bashrc", through a call to the new double-use "functions" script.
      Additionally all references to "foamCompiler" have been changed to
      See also http://www.openfoam.org/mantisbt/view.php?id=1232
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