1. 11 Apr, 2017 4 commits
  2. 10 Apr, 2017 1 commit
  3. 07 Apr, 2017 7 commits
  4. 05 Apr, 2017 1 commit
  5. 04 Apr, 2017 5 commits
  6. 03 Apr, 2017 3 commits
  7. 31 Mar, 2017 2 commits
    • mark's avatar
      STYLE: use hard-coded user resource directory name for foamEtcFile · bd763c2b
      mark authored
      - previously used the value of $WM_PROJECT, but this is potentially
        inconsistent with what Foam::etcFiles uses.
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      ENH: various general improvments to the POSIX functions · 3a4038b2
      mark authored
      - ensure proper and sensible handling of empty names.
        Eg, isDir(""), isFile("") are no-ops, and avoid file-stat
      - rmDir:
        * optional 'silent' option to suppress messages.
        * removes all possible sub-entries, instead of just giving up on
          the first problem encountered.
      - reduced code duplication in etcFiles
      ENH: provide WM_USER_RESOURCE_DIRNAME define (in foamVersion.H)
      - this is still a hard-coded value, but at least centrally available
  8. 30 Mar, 2017 5 commits
  9. 27 Mar, 2017 1 commit
  10. 24 Mar, 2017 1 commit
  11. 23 Mar, 2017 2 commits
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      ENH: several improvements to foamEtcFile · 17084917
      mark authored
      - lazier evaluation of project name and version based on the directory
        name. Avoids heuristics based on directory names unless really needed.
      - cope with alternative directory locations.
        For example, OpenFOAM+VERSION etc.
      The combination of the two above appears to be sufficient to open up
      the directory naming possibilities.
      - additional -list-test option (tests for existence of directory).
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      STYLE: suppress unalias warnings/errors · 74fbef36
      mark authored
      - cleanup variables last in etc/bashrc for a clean exit code
  12. 22 Mar, 2017 8 commits
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      ENH: source 'other' prefs before user/group · f6e36896
      mark authored
      - this allows the sys-admin to provide base values independent of any
        WM_PROJECT_SITE value.
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      ENH: improve foamEtcFile support for alternative naming conventions · f2f01ef5
      mark authored
      - support names like openfoam-<VERSION> (eg, what spack uses).
      - robustness improvements
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      ENH: also accept 'lib' for metis and scotch libraries · 59da3b1a
      mark authored
      - this corresponds to what various module or build systems provide.
        ThirdParty builds are unaffected since they install into FOAM_EXT_LIBBIN
    • mark's avatar
      ENH: support operations on surfFields in surfaceFieldValue · 35dd6f4a
      mark authored
      - this makes it possible to perform additional operations
        on surface values that have been previously sampled.
      - support vectorField for weighting operations.
      - reduce overhead by avoiding creation of weight fields, Sf fields
        and combined surface geometries unless they are actually required.
      - extend some similar concepts and operations to volFieldValue
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    • mark's avatar
      STYLE: relocate deprecated utilities into separate directory · 94e12506
      mark authored
      - makes it easier to identify at a later stage
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      ENH: minor improvements to environment · 3751ce52
      mark authored
      - handle sourcing bashrc with a relative path (issue #383)
      - handle sourcing from bash and zsh.
        Still need manual intervention when sourcing dash, sh, or ksh.
      - replace grep in etc/cshrc with sed only
      - logical instead of physical path for WM_PROJECT_DIR (issue #431).
        Doesn't seem to be possible for csh/tcsh.
        * Continue using physical locations when comparing directories,
          but not for the top-level FOAM_INST_DIR, WM_PROJECT_DIR.
      - relocate WM_CC, WM_CXX overrides from etc/config.*/compiler
        to etc/config.*/settings to ensure that they are left untouched
        when etc/config.sh/compiler is sourced while making third-party
        packages (eg, gcc, llvm, CGAL).
      - provide fallback FOAM_TUTORIALS setting in RunFunctions
      STYLE: remove "~OpenFOAM" fallback as being too rare, non-obvious
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      STYLE: Corrected typo · db6fc1d5
      Andrew Heather authored