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      STYLE: minor cleanup after merge · 4996ac85
      Mark Olesen authored
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      ENH: improve input stringency for argList options · 13f04876
      Mark Olesen authored
        - bad command-line input such as -label 1234xyz would parse as a
          label (with value 1234) and the trailing junk would be silently
          ignored. This may or may not be appropriate. If the trailing junk
          looked like this '100E' or '1000E-' (ie, forgot to type the
          exponent), the incorrectly parsed values can be quite bad:
              label  = 32684
              scalar = 6.93556e-310
        - use the updated readLabel/readScalar routines that trigger a
          FatalIOError on bad input:
              --> FOAM FATAL IO ERROR:
              Trailing content found parsing '1234xyz'
              --> FOAM FATAL IO ERROR:
              Trailing content found parsing '100E'
         This traps erroneous command-line input immediately.
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      ENH: improve consistency in parsing primitives from strings (issue #590) · 41f59b07
      Mark Olesen authored
      - Any trailing whitespace when parsing from strings or character buffers
        is ignored rather than being treated as an error. This is consistent
        with behaviour when reading from an Istream and with leading whitespace
        being ignored in the underlying atof/atod, strtof/strtod... functions.
      - Allow parsing directly from a std::string instead of just from a 'char*'.
        This reflects the C++11 addition of std::stod to complement the C
        functions strtod. This also makes it easier to parse string directly
        without using an IStringStream.
      - Two-parameter parsing methods return success/failure.
            if (readInt32(str, &int32Val)) ...
      - One-parameter parsing methods return the value on success or
        emit a FatalIOError.
            const char* buf;
            int32Val = readInt32(buf, &);
      - Improved consistency when parsing unsigned ints.
        Use strtoimax and strtoumax throughout.
      - Rename readDoubleScalar -> readDouble, readFloatScalar -> readFloat.
        Using the primitive name directly instead of the Foam typedef for
        better consistency with readInt32 etc.
      - Clean/improve parseNasScalar.
        Handle normal numbers directly, reduce some operations.
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      STYLE: typo in doxygen string · 3cb9c66c
      Mark Olesen authored
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      Merge branch 'integration-foundation' into 'develop' · 677564e9
      Andrew Heather authored
      Integration openfoam.org
      See merge request !144