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    • Kutalmış Berçin's avatar
      TUT: add new tutorial case for turbulent inflow BCs · a31a0103
      Kutalmış Berçin authored
      The following three synthetic turbulence inflow boundary conditions are
      examined through single-cell-domain smooth-wall plane channel flow setup:
      - turbulentDFSEMInlet
      - turbulentDigitalFilterInlet variant=digitalFilter
      - turbulentDigitalFilterInlet variant=reducedDigitalFilter
      The examinations are performed in terms of the first-/second-order turbulence
      statistics provided by (Moser et al., (1999)) doi.org/10.1063/1.869966
      from smooth-wall plane channel flow direct numerical simulations at Re=395.
      Serial executing:
      Parallel (decompositionMethod=scotch) executing:
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      TUT: Tuorial updates · 0d72096e
      Andrew Heather authored
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      CONTRIB: New adjoint optimisation and tools · 32b7d7c2
      Vaggelis Papoutsis authored
      A set of libraries and executables creating a workflow for performing
      gradient-based optimisation loops. The main executable (adjointOptimisationFoam)
      solves the flow (primal) equations, followed by the adjoint equations and,
      eventually, the computation of sensitivity derivatives.
      Current functionality supports the solution of the adjoint equations for
      incompressible turbulent flows, including the adjoint to the Spalart-Allmaras
      turbulence model and the adjoint to the nutUSpaldingWallFunction, [1], [2].
      Sensitivity derivatives are computed with respect to the normal displacement of
      boundary wall nodes/faces (the so-called sensitivity maps) following the
      Enhanced Surface Integrals (E-SI) formulation, [3].
      The software was developed by PCOpt/NTUA and FOSS GP, with contributions from
      Dr. Evangelos Papoutsis-Kiachagias,
      Konstantinos Gkaragounis,
      Professor Kyriakos Giannakoglou,
      Andy Heather
      and contributions in earlier version from
      Dr. Ioannis Kavvadias,
      Dr. Alexandros Zymaris,
      Dr. Dimitrios Papadimitriou
      [1] A.S. Zymaris, D.I. Papadimitriou, K.C. Giannakoglou, and C. Othmer.
      Continuous adjoint approach to the Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model for
      incompressible flows. Computers & Fluids, 38(8):1528–1538, 2009.
      [2] E.M. Papoutsis-Kiachagias and K.C. Giannakoglou. Continuous adjoint methods
      for turbulent flows, applied to shape and topology optimization: Industrial
      applications. 23(2):255–299, 2016.
      [3] I.S. Kavvadias, E.M. Papoutsis-Kiachagias, and K.C. Giannakoglou. On the
      proper treatment of grid sensitivities in continuous adjoint methods for shape
      optimization. Journal of Computational Physics, 301:1–18, 2015.
      Integration into the official OpenFOAM release by OpenCFD
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      ENH: Refactored pressure function object · 3c050d96
      Andrew Heather authored
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      INT: Org integration of VOF, Euler phase solvers and models. · bf912841
      Sergio Ferraris authored and Andrew Heather's avatar Andrew Heather committed
      Integration of VOF MULES new interfaces. Update of VOF solvers and all instances
      of MULES in the code.
      Integration of reactingTwoPhaseEuler and reactingMultiphaseEuler solvers and sub-models
      Updating reactingEuler tutorials accordingly (most of them tested)
      New eRefConst thermo used in tutorials. Some modifications at thermo specie level
      affecting mostly eThermo. hThermo mostly unaffected
      New chtMultiRegionTwoPhaseEulerFoam solver for quenching and tutorial.
      Phases sub-models for reactingTwoPhaseEuler and reactingMultiphaseEuler were moved
      to src/phaseSystemModels/reactingEulerFoam in order to be used by BC for
      Update of interCondensatingEvaporatingFoam solver.
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      ENH: new ReactingHeterogeneousCloud · 0c1ea282
      sergio authored and Mark OLESEN's avatar Mark OLESEN committed
      - number of particles per parcel info to kinematic cloud
      - added turbulent dispersion to basicHeterogeneousReactingParcel
      - corrected dhsTrans in MUCSheterogeneousRate::calculate
      - added cloud macro system to reactingParcelFoam and fixed calculation
        of average particles per parcel
      - added progress variable dimension to reacting model (nF)
      - added ReactingHeterogeneous tutorial
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      ENH: Adding reflection capability to solar load radiation model · 6da047f4
      sergio authored
      ENH: Several modifycations to avoid erroneuos rays to be shot
      from wrong faces.
      ENH: Updating tutorials and avoiding registration of the
      coarse singleCellFvMesh
      Adding solarLoad tutorial case simpleCarSolarPanel
      ENH: Changes needed for the merge
    • sergio's avatar
      ENH: · 8c7d8c9e
      sergio authored
      Adding reflecting fluxes to Solar load radiation model.
      Adding functionality to the boundary radiation models and new
      place holder for basic wall types such as transparent, opaqueDiffusive,
      Changing radiation wall models to run time selectable.
      Adding multi-band capabilities to VF model and improving the set up
      for using solar loads in VF and fvDOM radiation models.
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