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      ENH: region-wise decomposition specification for decomposeParDict · 0f3932b3
      Mark OLESEN authored
        Within decomposeParDict, it is now possible to specify a different
        decomposition method, methods coefficients or number of subdomains
        for each region individually.
        The top-level numberOfSubdomains remains mandatory, since this
        specifies the number of domains for the entire simulation.
        The individual regions may use the same number or fewer domains.
        Any optional method coefficients can be specified in a general
        "coeffs" entry or a method-specific one, eg "metisCoeffs".
        For multiLevel, only the method-specific "multiLevelCoeffs" dictionary
        is used, and is also mandatory.
      ENH: shortcut specification for multiLevel.
        In addition to the longer dictionary form, it is also possible to
        use a shorter notation for multiLevel decomposition when the same
        decomposition method applies to each level.
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      ENH: XiDyMFoam: new solver and tutorials · 4702b003
      mattijs authored
      XiDyMFoam               : compressible version of XiFoam
      oscillatingCylinder     : 2D case with cylinder moving up and down
      annularCombustorTurbine : part of 3D combuster using cyclicPeriodicAMI
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