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      Merge branch 'integration-adjoint' into 'develop' · b8ab49ef
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      Integration adjoint
      See merge request !269
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      CONTRIB: New adjoint optimisation and tools · 32b7d7c2
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      A set of libraries and executables creating a workflow for performing
      gradient-based optimisation loops. The main executable (adjointOptimisationFoam)
      solves the flow (primal) equations, followed by the adjoint equations and,
      eventually, the computation of sensitivity derivatives.
      Current functionality supports the solution of the adjoint equations for
      incompressible turbulent flows, including the adjoint to the Spalart-Allmaras
      turbulence model and the adjoint to the nutUSpaldingWallFunction, [1], [2].
      Sensitivity derivatives are computed with respect to the normal displacement of
      boundary wall nodes/faces (the so-called sensitivity maps) following the
      Enhanced Surface Integrals (E-SI) formulation, [3].
      The software was developed by PCOpt/NTUA and FOSS GP, with contributions from
      Dr. Evangelos Papoutsis-Kiachagias,
      Konstantinos Gkaragounis,
      Professor Kyriakos Giannakoglou,
      Andy Heather
      and contributions in earlier version from
      Dr. Ioannis Kavvadias,
      Dr. Alexandros Zymaris,
      Dr. Dimitrios Papadimitriou
      [1] A.S. Zymaris, D.I. Papadimitriou, K.C. Giannakoglou, and C. Othmer.
      Continuous adjoint approach to the Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model for
      incompressible flows. Computers & Fluids, 38(8):1528–1538, 2009.
      [2] E.M. Papoutsis-Kiachagias and K.C. Giannakoglou. Continuous adjoint methods
      for turbulent flows, applied to shape and topology optimization: Industrial
      applications. 23(2):255–299, 2016.
      [3] I.S. Kavvadias, E.M. Papoutsis-Kiachagias, and K.C. Giannakoglou. On the
      proper treatment of grid sensitivities in continuous adjoint methods for shape
      optimization. Journal of Computational Physics, 301:1–18, 2015.
      Integration into the official OpenFOAM release by OpenCFD
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      STYLE: Updated FO output · 51910c6c
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      ENH: scotch: make repeatable. Fixes #1274. · 45b0aed8
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      STYLE: Updated header documentation · 236d5f8a
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      ENH: Refactored pressure function object · 3c050d96
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