1. 22 Nov, 2018 8 commits
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      ENH: modernize code in dimensionSet, dimensionSets · 54b4dfba
      Mark Olesen authored
      - 'unfriend' operators on dimensionSet, since they operate without
        requiring access to non-public members.
      - add missing invTransform() function for dimensionSet.
      - make inv(const dimensionSet&) available as
        operator~(const dimensionSet&), which can be used instead
        of (dimless/ds).
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      ENH: added dimensionedType::writeEntry method · 9e1a3db4
      Mark Olesen authored
      - writing of dictionary entry with the name of the dimensionedType
        suppressed if it is identical to the keyword.
        This corresponds to the input requirements.
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      ENH: add read guard for dimensionedType constructors (#762) · 1cc0e66f
      Mark Olesen authored
      - deprecate dimensionedType constructors using an Istream in favour of
        versions accepting a keyword and a dictionary.
        Dictionary entries are almost the exclusive means of read
        constructing a dimensionedType. By construct from the dictionary
        entry instead of doing a lookup() first, we can detect possible
        input errors such as too many tokens as a result of a input syntax
        Constructing a dimensionedType from a dictionary entry now has
        two forms.
        1.  dimensionedType(key, dims, dict);
            This is the constructor that will normally be used.
            It accepts entries with optional leading names and/or
            dimensions. If the entry contains dimensions, they are
            verified against the expected dimensions and an IOError is
            raised if they do not correspond. On conclusion, checks the
            token stream for any trailing rubbish.
        2.  dimensionedType(key, dict);
            This constructor is used less frequently.
            Similar to the previous description, except that it is initially
            dimensionless. If entry contains dimensions, they are used
            without further verification. The constructor also includes a
            token stream check.
            This constructor is useful when the dimensions are entirely
            defined from the dictionary input, but also when handling
            transition code where the input dimensions are not obvious from
            the source.
            This constructor can also be handy when obtaining values from
            a dictionary without needing to worry about the input dimensions.
            For example,
               Info<< "rho: " << dimensionedScalar("rho", dict).value() << nl;
            This will accept a large range of inputs without hassle.
      ENH: consistent handling of dimensionedType for inputs (#1083)
      BUG: incorrect Omega dimensions (fixes #2084)
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      ENH: use dictionary::get<> instead of pTraits (#762) · fdb5ae09
      Mark Olesen authored
      - check Istream in readBool in operator>> variant (#1033)
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