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      Squashed commit of the following: · 36fec0a9
      mattijs authored
      commit 510b9353f8cb932a87f1588b17a4dea230c29d3c
      Author: mattijs <mattijs>
      Date:   Wed Jun 14 16:36:35 2017 +0100
          ENH: timeControl: propagate time-change logic from Time.C
      commit 6dc57a8f1e0e7605ea819deb6f11dd4b7874ff30
      Author: mattijs <mattijs>
      Date:   Thu Jun 1 11:28:56 2017 +0100
          ENH: timeControl: cleanup; avoid division by zero
      commit 5ac4bc2dd8c1f4676eef9d7a03215caba23a2e19
      Author: mattijs <mattijs>
      Date:   Wed May 31 12:04:52 2017 +0100
          ENH: timeControl: allow ramping down as well as up.
      commit a6b2db9e791f29258f04f3a9cbd6354aa468977d
      Author: mattijs <mattijs>
      Date:   Wed May 17 15:29:22 2017 +0100
          ENH: timeControl: limit any timestep change if deltaTCoeff enabled.
      commit 004115ee03a6637ae0d23cce303a30d1b3af046f
      Author: mattijs <mattijs>
      Date:   Wed May 17 11:40:26 2017 +0100
          ENH: setTimeStep: have timeStart, timeEnd controls on time step adjustment.
          Also added smoothly varying time step change (through optional deltaTCoeff)
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      postProcessing: Replaced 'foamCalc' and the 'postCalc' utilities · 8b672f0f
      Henry Weller authored
      with the more general and flexible 'postProcess' utility and '-postProcess' solver option
      Both the 'postProcess' utility and '-postProcess' solver option use the
      same extensive set of functionObjects available for data-processing
      during the run avoiding the substantial code duplication necessary for
      the 'foamCalc' and 'postCalc' utilities and simplifying maintenance.
      Additionally consistency is guaranteed between solver data processing
      and post-processing.
      The functionObjects have been substantially re-written and generalized
      to simplify development and encourage contribution.
      An extensive set of simple functionObject configuration files are
      provided in
      and more will be added in the future.  These can either be copied into
      '<case>/system' directory and included into the 'controlDict.functions'
      sub-dictionary or included directly from 'etc/caseDict...
  6. 15 May, 2016 1 commit
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      functionObjects: rewritten to all be derived from 'functionObject' · 91aba2db
      Henry Weller authored
        - Avoids the need for the 'OutputFilterFunctionObject' wrapper
        - Time-control for execution and writing is now provided by the
          'timeControlFunctionObject' which instantiates the processing
          'functionObject' and controls its operation.
        - Alternative time-control functionObjects can now be written and
          selected at run-time without the need to compile wrapped version of
          EVERY existing functionObject which would have been required in the
          old structure.
        - The separation of 'execute' and 'write' functions is now formalized in the
          'functionObject' base-class and all derived classes implement the
          two functions.
        - Unnecessary implementations of functions with appropriate defaults
          in the 'functionObject' base-class have been removed reducing
          clutter and simplifying implementation of new functionObjects.
        - The 'coded' 'functionObject' has also been updated, simplified and tested.
        - Further simplification is now possible by creating some general
          intermediate classes derived from 'functionObject'.
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      functionObjects: Changed options 'outputControl' -> 'writeControl' and... · 71290b4d
      Henry Weller authored
      functionObjects: Changed options 'outputControl' -> 'writeControl' and 'outputInterval' -> 'writeInterval'
      for consistency with the time controls in controlDict and to avoid
      unnecessary confusion.  All code and tutorials have been updated.
      The old names 'outputControl' and 'outputInterval' are but supported for
      backward compatibility but deprecated.
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      Rename DataEntry -> Function1 · 0b464392
      Henry Weller authored
      Function1 is an abstract base-class of run-time selectable unary
      functions which may be composed of other Function1's allowing the user
      to specify complex functions of a single scalar variable, e.g. time.
      The implementations need not be a simple or continuous functions;
      interpolated tables and polynomials are also supported.  In fact form of
      mapping between a single scalar input and a single primitive type output
      is supportable.
      The primary application of Function1 is in time-varying boundary
      conditions, it also used for other functions of time, e.g. injected mass
      is spray simulations but is not limited to functions of time.
  12. 25 Nov, 2015 1 commit
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      ENH: Multiple updates to function objects · 06c2d2fe
      Andrew Heather authored
      Updated objects
      - corrected Peclet number for compressible cases
      - propagated log flag and resultName across objects
      New function objects
      - new fluxSummary:
        - calculates positive, negative, absolute and net flux across face
      - new runTimeControl
        - abort the calculation when a user-defined metric is achieved.
          Available options include:
          - average value remains unchanged wrt a given threshold
          - equation initial residual exceeds a threshold - useful to abort
            diverging cases
          - equation max iterations exceeds a threshold - useful to abort
            diverging cases
          - min/max of a function object value
          - min time step exceeds a threshold - useful to abort diverging
      - new valueAverage:
        - average singular values from other function objects, e.g. Cd, Cl and
          Cm from the forceCoeffs function object
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