1. 26 Jan, 2019 2 commits
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      STYLE: limit foamCreateManpage to documented options · cfa8accf
      Mark Olesen authored
      Previously silently accepted '-o' as being equivalent to '-output',
      but the former could be misinterpreted meaning an output file (which
      it is not) instead of an output directory.
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      CONFIG: combine wmake rules for KNL architecture as a compile option · 1d32efed
      Mark Olesen authored
      - instead of
            -> linux64GccKNLDPInt32Opt
        now specify
            -> linux64GccDPInt32OptKNL
      This makes it easier (and more obvious) for adding different tweaks
      without needing to generate too many files.
          cd wmake/rules/linux64Gcc
          cp cOpt   cOptBdw
          cp c++Opt c++OptBdw
          edit these two files and then use WM_COMPILE_OPTION=OptBdw
      CONFIG: provide some default c/c++ flags in General compiler rules
      - can make is easier when deriving new compile options, and ensures
        that '-02' is enabled as an initial default.
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