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    ENH: more succinct output from command-line errors. · 8054281d
    Mark Olesen authored
    - unknown options or missing option values now emit a shorter message
      without the entire usage. This makes it easier to identify the errors
      and is better aligned with the behaviour of GNU system tools.
         $ simpleFoam -case
         Using: OpenFOAM-plus (see www.OpenFOAM.com)
         Build: plus-01234
         Error: option '-case' requires an argument
         See 'simpleFoam -help' for usage
    - provide for reduced (-help) and full (-help-full) usage information.
      In many cases the reduced usage provided sufficient and easier
      to find the information.
    - make -srcDoc an alias for -doc-source
    - no warnings about option aliases for future dates.