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......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ command -v mpirun 2>/dev/null || true
echo "========================================"
date "+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S %z" 2>/dev/null || echo "date is unknown"
echo "Starting compile ${WM_PROJECT_DIR##*/} ${0##*}"
echo "Starting compile ${WM_PROJECT_DIR##*/} ${0##*/}"
echo " ${WM_OPTIONS}, with ${WM_MPLIB} ${FOAM_MPI}"
echo "========================================"
......@@ -75,8 +75,8 @@ echo " ${WM_PROJECT_DIR##*/}"
echo " ${WM_OPTIONS}, with ${WM_MPLIB} ${FOAM_MPI}"
echo " api = $(wmakeBuildInfo -show-api 2>/dev/null)"
echo " patch = $(wmakeBuildInfo -show-patch 2>/dev/null)"
echo " api = $(foamEtcFile -show-api 2>/dev/null)"
echo " patch = $(foamEtcFile -show-patch 2>/dev/null)"
echo " bin = $(_foamCountDirEntries $FOAM_APPBIN) entries"
echo " lib = $(_foamCountDirEntries $FOAM_LIBBIN) entries"
# Allwmake with scan-build (clang)
c_compiler="$(command -v "$(wmake -show-c)")"
cxx_compiler="$(command -v "$(wmake -show-cxx)")"
set -x
scan-build --use-cc="$c_compiler" --use-c++="$cxx_compiler" \
./Allwmake "$@"
Known Build Issues
Intel MPI (Gcc/Clang)
Either I_MPI_ROOT or MPI_ROOT can be used to specify the Intel-MPI
installation directory path.
The ThirdParty build of ptscotch uses `mpiicc` for Intel-MPI
instead of the usual `mpicc`.
When gcc or clang are used, it is highly likely that the
I_MPI_CC environment variable also needs to be set accordingly.
See `mpiicc -help` for more information about environment variables.
Intel Compiler
Since OpenFOAM uses C++11, a fairly recent version is required.
The Intel compiler - icc (ICC) 17.0.1 20161005 is ok, but the
initial release - icc (ICC) 17.0.0 20160721 - has a bug that
will result in these types of error messages.
MatrixSpaceI.H(492): error: no instance of overloaded function
"Foam::MatrixSpace<Form, Cmpt, Mrows, Ncols>::Block<SubTensor,
BRowStart, BColStart>::operator=" matches the specified type
If using the runTimePostProcessing to create on-the-fly images, you
can simply just compile ParaView and these libraries will be used.
If you elect to use a separate VTK compilation (for example for
off-screen rendering), it is advisable to reuse the VTK libraries that
are provided with ParaView by making an appropriate symlink
prior to using makeVTK. This doesn't just reduce disk-space, but works
much better than using the VTK tar file.
Using runTimePostProcessing with the 'plain' VTK libraries does
generally work, but does not exit cleanly:
symbol lookup error: .../linux64Gcc/VTK-7.1.0/lib/
undefined symbol: _ZN33vtkFilteringInformationKeyManager13ClassFinalizeEv
symbol lookup error: .../linux64Gcc/VTK-7.1.0/lib/
undefined symbol: _ZN49vtkInformationQuadratureSchemeDefinitionVectorKeyD1Ev
This error appears to be suppressed if VTK is compiled with a Debug build-type.
Building on older systems
If the system gcc is too old for building OpenFOAM, a third-party gcc or
clang/llvm installation can be used. If building clang/llvm, note that
there are also minimum gcc/g++ requirements there:
Min gcc/g++
=========== ==========
4.4 llvm-3.4.2
4.7 llvm-3.5.2 - llvm-3.7.0
If your system compiler is too old to build the minimum required gcc or
clang/llvm, it is just simply too old.
ThirdParty clang without gmp/mpfr
If using ThirdParty clang without gmp/mpfr, the ThirdParty makeCGAL
script will need to be run manually and specify that there is no
gmp/mpfr. Eg,
./makeCGAL gmp-none mpfr-none
Subequent compilation with Allwmake will now run largely without any
problems, except that the components linking against CGAL
(foamyMesh and surfaceBooleanFeatures) will also try to link against
a nonexistent mpfr library. As a workaround, the link-dependency can
be removed in wmake/rules/General/CGAL :
This is a temporary inconvenience until a more robust solution is found.
Building with spack
If you are building with spack, note that the depends_on for paraview
resolves poorly. The +qt dependency (for building the reader module)
may need to be specified as a preference by including the following in
your `~/.spack/packages.yaml` file:
variants: +qt
It appears that spack will otherwise ignore any paraview+qt version
and attempt to install a paraview~qt version instead.
Building on Darwin (Mac-OS)
Support for Darwin is incomplete, but has been provisioned for.
The following are typical (as of yet) unresolved issues.
* Scotch, ptscotch:
- The librt linkage is required for Linux, but not for Darwin.
Current resolution:
Edit or patch
to remove the '-lrt' library
- ThirdParty CGAL will normally need to be compiled without mpfr/gmp.
This should be done manually prior to building OpenFOAM or other
ThirdParty. Eg,
./makeCGAL gmp-none mpfr-none
The erroneous references to gmp/mpfr library can be directly removed
from the wmake/rules/General/CGAL, but it is more advisable to
override them instead in the wmake/rules/darwin64Clang/CGAL file.
......@@ -3,3 +3,7 @@ build-info
# Do not track time-stamp
# Do not track any manifest files
......@@ -44,15 +44,16 @@ source archives.
- 6-digit year-month-day (YYMMDD) integer corresponding to a patch-level
for the given **released** API.
Development branches have a patch value of `0`.
- Format is year-month-day, as per `date +%y%m%d`.
- The first release is by definition unpatched, and thus carries
a patch value of `0`. If this release were to be patched the following
day, the patch level would jump accordingly.
- The first release can have a patch value of `0` (unpatched = just
released) or a patch value corresponding to the release date.