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    ENH: freestream BC: allow inlet value to be specified by another patch · baf320d3
    Andrew Heather authored
    The freestreamFvPatchField previously employed a fixed value when supplying
    the inlet values.  This commit extends the BC so that users can use another
    patch to supply the values via the new freestreamBC entry, e.g. to set the
    velocity to an atmospheric boundary layer profile:
            type            freestream;
                type            atmBoundaryLayerInletVelocity;
                flowDir         (1 0 0);
                zDir            (0 0 1);
                Uref            20;
                Zref            20;
                z0              uniform 0.1;
                zGround         uniform 935;
    The earlier specification is also maintained for backwards compatibility, e.g.
            type            freestream;
            freestreamValue uniform (300 0 0);
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