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DOC: add note about LIBGL_DEBUG env variable

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......@@ -268,6 +268,29 @@ use the ParaView-5.4 sources that were included in the ThirdParty-v1712
source pack. This, however, has never been tested in combination with
the OpenFOAM Catalyst insitu visualization.
If you encounter problems starting paraview (eg, segmentation fault)
it could be related to the graphics libraries not being properly found.
The `LIBGL_DEBUG` environment variable can be used to obtain more
detailed information:
$ export LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose
The call to paraview now emits this information:
libGL: screen 0 does not appear to be DRI2 capable
libGL: OpenDriver: trying /usr/lib64/dri/tls/
libGL: OpenDriver: trying /usr/lib64/dri/
libGL error: No matching fbConfigs or visuals found
libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast
Indicating that the drivers are probably not correctly installed.
The `/var/log/Xorg.0.log` file or the `dmesg` command may yield more
information to the cause.
In this particular case, the Nvidia drivers had a client/server
version mismatch.
#### 5.6.x, 5.5.x binary packages
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