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CONFIG: add download link for scotch 6.0.6

parent 0e599b7a
......@@ -412,7 +412,7 @@ you may have additional hurdles to using the newest versions of clang.
| [openmpi][page openmpi] | [download][link openmpi]. The newer [openmpi][newer openmpi] make exhibit stability issues.
| [adios][page adios] | [repo][repo adios] or [github download][link adios] or [alt download][altlink adios]
| [scotch, ptscotch][page scotch] | [download][link scotch]
| [scotch, ptscotch][page scotch] | [download][link scotch] or older: [6.0.3][link scotch603]
| [kahip][page kahip] | [download][link kahip]
| [metis][page metis] | [download][link metis]
......@@ -490,8 +490,9 @@ that clang compiler for building the newer llvm/clang version.
[page zfp]:
[page scotch]:
[link scotch]:
[link scotch]:
[link scotch603]:
[link scotch605]:
[link scotch]:
[page kahip]:
[link kahip]:
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