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    tmp: Updated to store and preserve the const-ness of the reference to a constant object · 15b7e87d
    Henry Weller authored
    This change requires that the de-reference operator '()' returns a
    const-reference to the object stored irrespective of the const-ness of
    object stored and the new member function 'ref()' is provided to return
    an non-const reference to stored object which throws a fatal error if the
    stored object is const.
    In order to smooth the transition to this new safer 'tmp' the now
    deprecated and unsafe non-const de-reference operator '()' is still
    provided by default but may be switched-off with the compilation switch
    The main OpenFOAM library has already been upgraded and '-DCONST_TMP'
    option specified in the 'options' file to switch to the new 'tmp'
    behavior.  The rest of OpenFOAM-dev will be upgraded over the following
    few weeks.
    Henry G. Weller
    CFD Direct
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