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    Switched from old hashing functions to use Bob Jenkins' hash routine · 17548296
    Mark Olesen authored
    - If the underlying type is contiguous, FixedList hashes its storage directly.
    - Drop labelPairHash (non-commutative) from fvMeshDistribute since
      FixedList::Hash does the right thing anyhow.
    - Hash<edge> specialization is commutative, without multiplication.
    - Hash<triFace> specialization kept multiplication (but now uLabel).
      There's not much point optimizing it, since it's not used much anyhow.
    Misc. changes
    - added StaticAssert to NamedEnum.H
    - label.H / uLabel.H : define FOAM_LABEL_MAX, FOAM_ULABEL_MAX with the
      values finally used for the storage.  These can be useful for pre-processor
      checks elsewhere (although I stopped needing them in the meantime).