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    minor cleanup of turbulence models · 19d951ce
    Mark Olesen authored
    - added constructor dictionary(const dictionary*) that also handles NULL
      pointers and makes it convenient to construct from a possibly nonexistent
          dictionary dict2(dict1.subDictPtr("someDict"));
    - make some of the turbulence Coeffs sub-dictionary optional.
      Their contents are all 'lookupOrAddDefault' anyhow.
    - in turbulentMixingLength BCs, skip namespace qualifier in template
      (eg, <RASModel> vs. <compressible::RASModel>)
    - change comments from 'turbulenceProperties' to RASProperties/LESProperties
    - consistency between compressible/incompressible - no separate file for
      'New' selector etc
    - consistency in accessing the model coefficients.
      Use method coeffDict() for const access.
      Use protected data member coeffDict_ for read/write access.
    - document model coefficients in etc/constant/RASProperties.
      Need the same for LESProperties before we can prune these from the