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    ENH: combustionModels: Changed the construction order · 22aae281
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    The combustion and chemistry models no longer select and own the
    thermodynamic model; they hold a reference instead. The construction of
    the combustion and chemistry models has been changed to require a
    reference to the thermodyanmics, rather than the mesh and a phase name.
    At the solver-level the thermo, turbulence and combustion models are now
    selected in sequence. The cyclic dependency between the three models has
    been resolved, and the raw-pointer based post-construction step for the
    combustion model has been removed.
    The old solver-level construction sequence (typically in createFields.H)
    was as follows:
        autoPtr<combustionModels::psiCombustionModel> combustion
        psiReactionThermo& thermo = combustion->thermo();
        // Create rho, U, phi, etc...
        autoPtr<compressible::turbulenceModel> turbulence
            compressible::turbulenceModel::New(rho, U, phi, thermo)
    The new sequence is:
        autoPtr<psiReactionThermo> thermo(psiReactionThermo::New(mesh));
        // Create rho, U, phi, etc...
        autoPtr<compressible::turbulenceModel> turbulence
            compressible::turbulenceModel::New(rho, U, phi, *thermo)
        autoPtr<combustionModels::psiCombustionModel> combustion
            combustionModels::psiCombustionModel::New(*thermo, *turbulence)
    ENH: combustionModel, chemistryModel: Simplified model selection
    The combustion and chemistry model selection has been simplified so
    that the user does not have to specify the form of the thermodynamics.
    Examples of new combustion and chemistry entries are as follows:
        In constant/combustionProperties:
            combustionModel PaSR;
            combustionModel FSD;
        In constant/chemistryProperties:
                solver          ode;
                method          TDAC;
    All the angle bracket parts of the model names (e.g.,
    <psiThermoCombustion,gasHThermoPhysics>) have been removed as well as
    the chemistryThermo entry.
    The changes are mostly backward compatible. Only support for the
    angle bracket form of chemistry solver names has been removed. Warnings
    will print if some of the old entries are used, as the parts relating to
    thermodynamics are now ignored.
    ENH: combustionModel, chemistryModel: Simplified model selection
    Updated all tutorials to the new format
    STYLE: combustionModel: Namespace changes
    Wrapped combustion model make macros in the Foam namespace and removed
    combustion model namespace from the base classes. This fixes a namespace
    specialisation bug in gcc 4.8. It is also somewhat less verbose in the
    This resolves bug report https://bugs.openfoam.org/view.php?id=2787
    ENH: combustionModels: Default to the "none" model
    When the constant/combustionProperties dictionary is missing, the solver
    will now default to the "none" model. This is consistent with how
    radiation models are selected.