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    ENH: Function1 and PatchFunction1 improvements (#1917) · 2f2dcdcf
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - easier support for non-mandatory functions.
      In some boundary conditions it can be desirable to support
      additional functions, but not necessarily require them. Make this
      easier to support with a Function1, PatchFunction1 NewIfPresent()
    - support for compatibility lookups
    - harmonize branching logic and error handling between Function1 and
    ENH: refactor a base class for Function1, PatchFunction1
    - includes base characteristics, patch or scalar information
    ENH: additional creation macros
    - makeConcreteFunction1, makeConcretePatchFunction1Type for adding a
      non-templated function into the correct templated selection table.
      makeScalarPatchFunction1 for similarity with makeScalarFunction1