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    ENH: simplify and extend labelRange · 5d541def
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - add increment/decrement, repositioning. Simplify const_iterator.
    - this makes is much easier to use labelRange for constructing ranges of
      sub-lists. For symmetry with setSize() it has a setStart() instead of
      simply assigning to start() directly. This would also provide the
      future possibility to imbue the labelRange with a particular policy
      (eg, no negative starts, max size etc) and ensure that they are
      A simple use case:
        // initialize each to zero...
        List<labelRange> subListRanges = ...;
        // scan and categorize
        if (condition)
           subListRanges[categoryI]++;  // increment size for that category
        // finally, set the starting points
        start = 0;
        for (labelRange& range : subListRanges)
            start += range.size();