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    ENH: consolidate handling of mandatory/optional command arguments · 5d9e278e
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - for some special cases we wish to mark command-line arguments as
      being optional, in order to do our own treatment. For example,
      when an arbitrary number of arguments should be allowed.
      Now tag this situation with argList::noMandatoryArgs().
      The argList::argsMandatory() query can then be used in any further
      logic, including the standard default argument checking.
    - with the new default check, can consolidate the special-purpose
      into the regular
    - revert to a simple "setRootCase.H" and move all the listing related
      bits to a "setRootCaseLists.H" file. This leaves the information
      available for solvers, or whoever else wishes, without being
      introduced everywhere.
    - add include guards and scoping to the listing files and rename to
      something less generic.
         listOptions.H -> setRootCaseListOptions.H
         listOutput.H  -> setRootCaseListOutput.H