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    ENH: improve separation of OpenFOAM and ThirdParty mpi-libraries · 5e12506f
    Mark Olesen authored
    - drop FOAM_MPI_LIBBIN variable in favour of FOAM_MPI from which
      two different locations can be determined.
      Previously there was something like this:
          FOAM_MPI_LIBBIN = $FOAM_LIBBIN/openmpi-1.5.1
      We now instead determine the locations from the FOAM_MPI directly:
              $FOAM_LIBBIN/$FOAM_MPI     -> OpenFOAM  mpi-related
              $FOAM_EXT_LIBBIN/$FOAM_MPI -> ThirdPary mpi-related
    ENH: relocate ParaView libraries and plugins back under FOAM_LIBBIN
    - as discussed with Mattijs