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    ENH: improve, simplify, rationalize coordinate system handling (issue #863) · 6697bb47
    Mark Olesen authored
    Previously the coordinate system functionality was split between
    coordinateSystem and coordinateRotation. The coordinateRotation stored
    the rotation tensor and handled all tensor transformations.
    The functionality has now been revised and consolidated into the
    coordinateSystem classes. The sole purpose of coordinateRotation
    is now just to provide a selectable mechanism of how to define the
    rotation tensor (eg, axis-angle, euler angles, local axes) for user
    input, but after providing the appropriate rotation tensor it has
    no further influence on the transformations.
    The coordinateSystem class now contains an origin and a base rotation
    tensor directly and various transformation methods.
      - The origin represents the "shift" for a local coordinate system.
      - The base rotation tensor represents the "tilt" or orientation
        of the local coordinate system in general (eg, for mapping
        positions), but may require position-dep...
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