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    ENH: support arc edge specification with origin point · 1d08ed9b
    Mark Olesen authored
    - The arc will frequently enclose an angle less than 180 degrees.
      For the case, it is possible to define the arc by its endpoints
      and its centre (origin) point. For example,
          arc 0 1 origin (0 0 0);
      When defined in the way, any discrepancy in the arc radius for the
      endpoints is resolved by adjusting the origin to ensure that the
      average radius is satisfied.
      It is also possible to specify a \em flatness factor as a multiplier
      of the radius. For example,
          arc 0 1 origin 1.1 (0 0 0);
    ENH: minor code cleanup for block edges
    ENH: expose point appending as polyList::concat
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