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    ENH: reactionThermo: Single component mixture · 8aabbec7
    Will Bainbridge authored
    This mixture allows a reacting solver to be used with a single component
    fluid without the additional case files usually required for reacting
    reactionThermo: Instantiated more single component mixtures
    ENH: reactionThermo: Select singleComponentMixture as pureMixture
    A pureMixture can now be specified in a reacting solver. This further
    enhances compatibility between non-reacting and reacting solvers.
    To achieve this, mixtures now have a typeName function of the same form
    as the lower thermodyanmic models. In addition, to avoid name clashes,
    the reacting thermo make macros have been split into those that create
    entries on multiple selection tables, and those that just add to the
    reaction thermo table.
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