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    ENH: rationalize dictionary access methods · c6520033
    Mark Olesen authored
    - use keyType::option enum to consolidate searching options.
      These enumeration names should be more intuitive to use
      and improve code readability.
        Eg,   lookupEntry(key, keyType::REGEX);
        vs    lookupEntry(key, false, true);
        Eg,   lookupEntry(key, keyType::LITERAL_RECURSIVE);
        vs    lookupEntry(key, true, false);
    - new findEntry(), findDict(), findScoped() methods with consolidated
      search options for shorter naming and access names more closely
      aligned with other components. Behave simliarly to the
      methods lookupEntryPtr(), subDictPtr(), lookupScopedEntryPtr(),
      respectively. Default search parameters consistent with lookupEntry().
        Eg, const entry* e = dict.findEntry(key);
        vs  const entry* e = dict.lookupEntryPtr(key, false, true);
    - added '*' and '->' dereference operators to dictionary searchers.
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