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    ENH: add expression support for scalar/vector expression lookups · fc6239d9
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - similar idea to swak timelines/lookuptables but combined together
      and based on Function1 for more flexibility.
      Specified as 'functions<scalar>' or 'functions<vector>'.
      For example,
          intakeType table ((0 0) (10 1.2));
              type        sine;
              frequency   3000;
              scale       50;
              level       101325;
      These can be referenced in the expressions as a nullary function or a
      unary function.
      Within the parser, the names are prefixed with "fn:" (function).
      It is thus possible to define "fn:sin()" that is different than
      the builtin "sin()" function.
         * A nullary call uses time value
           - Eg, fn:p_inlet()
         * A unary call acts as a remapper function.
           - Eg, fn:intakeType(6.25)