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    INT: Integration of Mattijs' collocated parallel IO additions · d8d6030a
    Andrew Heather authored
    Original commit message:
    Parallel IO: New collated file format
    When an OpenFOAM simulation runs in parallel, the data for decomposed fields and
    mesh(es) has historically been stored in multiple files within separate
    directories for each processor.  Processor directories are named 'processorN',
    where N is the processor number.
    This commit introduces an alternative "collated" file format where the data for
    each decomposed field (and mesh) is collated into a single file, which is
    written and read on the master processor.  The files are stored in a single
    directory named 'processors'.
    The new format produces significantly fewer files - one per field, instead of N
    per field.  For large parallel cases, this avoids the restriction on the number
    of open files imposed by the operating system limits.
    The file writing can be threaded allowing the simulation to continue running
    while the data is being written to file.  NFS (Ne...
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