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    ENH: additional methods and improvements to plane · de2eed3e
    Mark Olesen authored
    - signedDistance() method is like distance() but retains
      the positive/negative sign for the side of the plane.
    - the sign() method returns the sign as -1,0,+1 integer for
      classification purposes where it is important to distinguish between
      a zero value and a positive value (eg, for cutting). Optional
      tolerance can be supplied to round for zero.
    - refactor and inlined simple and frequently used methods.
    - add boundBox faceCentre() method, which can be useful for creating
      clipping planes from a bounding box.
      Relocated treeBoundBox faceNormals to boundBox since they apply
      equally there - the meaning of the faces (x-min, x-max, etc)
      is the same, even if the point addressing for the faces differs.
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