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    ENH: new RAS model: kEpsilonPhitF · e38e5d67
    Kutalmış Berçin authored
        ENH: modify fWallFunction for kEpsilonPhitF model
        The k-epsilon-phit-f turbulence closure model for incompressible and
        compressible flows.
        The model is a three-transport-equation linear-eddy-viscosity turbulence
        closure model alongside an elliptic relaxation equation:
          - Turbulent kinetic energy, \c k,
          - Turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rate, \c epsilon,
          - Normalised wall-normal fluctuating velocity scale, \c phit,
          - Elliptic relaxation factor, \c f.
            Standard model (Tag:LUU):
                Laurence, D. R., Uribe, J. C., & Utyuzhnikov, S. V. (2005).
                A robust formulation of the v2−f model.
                Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, 73(3-4), 169–185.
        The default model coefficients are (LUU:Eqs. 19-20):
                Cmu         0.22,    // Turbulent viscosity constant
                Ceps1a      1.4,     // Model constant for epsilon
                Ceps1b      1.0,     // Model constant for epsilon
                Ceps1c      0.05,    // Model constant for epsilon
                Ceps2       1.9,     // Model constant for epsilon
                Cf1         1.4,     // Model constant for f
                Cf2         0.3,     // Model constant for f
                CL          0.25,    // Model constant for L
                Ceta        110.0,   // Model constant for L
                CT          6.0,     // Model constant for T
                sigmaK      1.0,     // Turbulent Prandtl number for k
                sigmaEps    1.3,     // Turbulent Prandtl number for epsilon
                sigmaPhit   1.0,     // Turbulent Prandtl number for phit = sigmaK
        The name of the original variable replacing 'v2' is 'phi' (LUU:Eq. 14).
        However, the name 'phi' preexisted in OpenFOAM; therefore, this name was
        replaced by 'phit'