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    ENH: cleanup of NamedEnum · fb497164
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - Remove the unused enums() method since it delivers wholly unreliable
      results. It is not guaranteed to cover the full enumeration range,
      but only the listed names.
    - Remove the unused strings() method.
      Duplicated functionality of the words(), but was never used.
    - Change access of words() method from static to object.
      Better code isolation. Permits the constructor to take over
      as the single point of failure for bad input.
    - Add values() method
    - do not expose internal (HashTable) lookup since it makes it more
      difficult to enforce constness and the implementation detail should
      not be exposed. However leave toc() and sortedToc() for the interface.
    STYLE: relocated NamedEnum under primitives (was containers)
    - internal typedef as 'value_type' for some consistency with STL conventions