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    ENH: add read guard for dimensionedType constructors (#762) · dd87c983
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - deprecate dimensionedType constructors using an Istream in favour of
      versions accepting a keyword and a dictionary.
      Dictionary entries are almost the exclusive means of read
      constructing a dimensionedType. By construct from the dictionary
      entry instead of doing a lookup() first, we can detect possible
      input errors such as too many tokens as a result of a input syntax
      Constructing a dimensionedType from a dictionary entry now has
      two forms.
      1.  dimensionedType(key, dims, dict);
          This is the constructor that will normally be used.
          It accepts entries with optional leading names and/or
          dimensions. If the entry contains dimensions, they are
          verified against the expected dimensions and an IOError is
          raised if they do not correspond. On conclusion, checks the
          token stream for any trailing rubbish.
      2.  dimensionedType(key, dict);
          This constructor is used less frequently.