Commit 5d594d3f authored by sergio's avatar sergio
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ENH: Adding support to moving mesh to activePressureForceBaffle

parent 0326b621
......@@ -332,6 +332,20 @@ void Foam::activePressureForceBaffleVelocityFvPatchVectorField::updateCoeffs()
areaFraction = 1 - openFraction_;
if (patch().boundaryMesh().mesh().moving())
// All areas have been recalculated already so are consistent
// with the new points. Note we already only do this routine
// once per timestep. The alternative is to use the upToDate
// mechanism for regIOobject + polyMesh::upToDatePoints
initWallSf_ = patch().Sf();
initCyclicSf_ = patch().boundaryMesh()[cyclicPatchLabel_].Sf();
nbrCyclicSf_ = refCast<const cyclicFvPatch>
// Update this wall patch
vectorField::subField Sfw = patch().patch().faceAreas();
vectorField newSfw((1 - areaFraction)*initWallSf_);
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