Commit 94a3d024 authored by Mark Olesen's avatar Mark Olesen Committed by Andrew Heather
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STYLE: mention -doc-source option under -help-full instead of under -help

parent 33edea3e
......@@ -284,7 +284,6 @@ void Foam::argList::printMan() const
// Standard documentation/help options
printManOption("doc", "Display documentation in browser");
printManOption("doc-source", "Display source code in browser");
printManOption("help", "Display short help and exit");
printManOption("help-full", "Display full help and exit");
......@@ -301,6 +300,8 @@ void Foam::argList::printMan() const
printManOption("doc-source", "Display source code in browser");
const bool hasCompat =
......@@ -393,7 +394,10 @@ void Foam::argList::printUsage(bool full) const
// Place documentation/help options at the end
printOption("doc", "Display documentation in browser");
if (full)
printOption("doc-source", "Display source code in browser");
printOption("help", "Display short help and exit");
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