Commit be6756f3 authored by Mark Olesen's avatar Mark Olesen
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CONFIG: ptscotch header not found on ArchLinux (fixes #1877)

- on ArchLinux, everything is installed under /usr/include/scotch.

  The detection script uses SCOTCH_ARCH_PATH as an initial guess for
  ptscotch as well. However, on the second pass, it has an absolute
  value ("/usr") instead of a logical one ("scotch-system").
  This resulted in the logic for handling scotch+ptscotch subdirs
  being bypassed.
parent f85e7985
......@@ -106,6 +106,7 @@ have_scotch()
header=$(findFirstFile \
"$prefix/include/$localDir/$incName" \
"$prefix/include/scotch/$incName" \
"$prefix/include/$incName" \
library=$(findExtLib "$libName")
......@@ -226,12 +227,15 @@ have_ptscotch()
header=$(findFirstFile \
"$prefix/include/$FOAM_MPI/$incName" \
"$prefix/include/$localDir/$incName" \
"$prefix/include/ptscotch/$incName" \
"$prefix/include/scotch/$incName" \
library="$(findExtLib $FOAM_MPI/$libName $libName)"
elif isSystem "$prefix"
header=$(findFirstFile \
"/usr/local/include/$localDir/$incName" \
"/usr/local/include/ptscotch/$incName" \
"/usr/local/include/scotch/$incName" \
"/usr/local/include/$incName" \
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