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      tutorials/incompressible/simpleFoam/T3A: ERCOFTAC T3A 3% test-case for the kOmegaSSTLM model · 04f73903
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          Savill, A. M. (1993).
          Some recent progress in the turbulence modelling of by-pass transition.
          Near-wall turbulent flows, 829-848.
          Savill, A. M. (1996).
          One-point closures applied to transition.
          In Turbulence and transition modelling (pp. 233-268).
          Springer Netherlands.
      Based on case contributed by Florian Schwertfirm, Kreuzinger und Manhart Turbulenz GmbH.
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      TurbulenceModels::kOmegaSSTLM: New correlation-based turbulent transition model · d9aa0561
      Henry Weller authored
          Langtry-Menter 4-equation transitional SST model
          based on the k-omega-SST RAS model.
              Langtry, R. B., & Menter, F. R. (2009).
              Correlation-based transition modeling for unstructured parallelized
              computational fluid dynamics codes.
              AIAA journal, 47(12), 2894-2906.
              Menter, F. R., Langtry, R., & Volker, S. (2006).
              Transition modelling for general purpose CFD codes.
              Flow, turbulence and combustion, 77(1-4), 277-303.
              Langtry, R. B. (2006).
              A correlation-based transition model using local variables for
              unstructured parallelized CFD codes.
              Phd. Thesis, Universität Stuttgart.
      Implemented by Henry G. Weller, CFD Direct in collaboration with Florian
      Schwertfirm, Kreuzinger und Manhart Turbulenz GmbH.
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      wmake: Use functions from wmakeFunctions to avoid code duplication · 13e8fce1
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      wclean: added support for automatic searching up the tree for the Make directory if in a sub-directory
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      TDACChemistryModel: New chemistry model providing Tabulation of Dynamic Adaptive Chemistry · 1d572696
      Henry Weller authored
      Provides efficient integration of complex laminar reaction chemistry,
      combining the advantages of automatic dynamic specie and reaction
      reduction with ISAT (in situ adaptive tabulation).  The advantages grow
      as the complexity of the chemistry increases.
          Contino, F., Jeanmart, H., Lucchini, T., & D’Errico, G. (2011).
          Coupling of in situ adaptive tabulation and dynamic adaptive chemistry:
          An effective method for solving combustion in engine simulations.
          Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 33(2), 3057-3064.
          Contino, F., Lucchini, T., D'Errico, G., Duynslaegher, C.,
          Dias, V., & Jeanmart, H. (2012).
          Simulations of advanced combustion modes using detailed chemistry
          combined with tabulation and mechanism reduction techniques.
          SAE International Journal of Engines,
          5(2012-01-0145), 185-196.
          Contino, F., Foucher, F., Dagaut, P., Lucchini, T., D’Errico, G., &
          Mounaïm-Rousselle, C. (2013).
          Experimental and numerical analysis of nitric oxide effect on the
          ignition of iso-octane in a single cylinder HCCI engine.
          Combustion and Flame, 160(8), 1476-1483.
          Contino, F., Masurier, J. B., Foucher, F., Lucchini, T., D’Errico, G., &
          Dagaut, P. (2014).
          CFD simulations using the TDAC method to model iso-octane combustion
          for a large range of ozone seeding and temperature conditions
          in a single cylinder HCCI engine.
          Fuel, 137, 179-184.
      Two tutorial cases are currently provided:
          + tutorials/combustion/chemFoam/ic8h18_TDAC
          + tutorials/combustion/reactingFoam/laminar/counterFlowFlame2D_GRI_TDAC
      the first of which clearly demonstrates the advantage of dynamic
      adaptive chemistry providing ~10x speedup,
      the second demonstrates ISAT on the modest complex GRI mechanisms for
      methane combustion, providing a speedup of ~4x.
      More tutorials demonstrating TDAC on more complex mechanisms and cases
      will be provided soon in addition to documentation for the operation and
      settings of TDAC.  Also further updates to the TDAC code to improve
      consistency and integration with the rest of OpenFOAM and further
      optimize operation can be expected.
      Original code providing all algorithms for chemistry reduction and
      tabulation contributed by Francesco Contino, Tommaso Lucchini, Gianluca
      D’Errico, Hervé Jeanmart, Nicolas Bourgeois and Stéphane Backaert.
      Implementation updated, optimized and integrated into OpenFOAM-dev by
      Henry G. Weller, CFD Direct Ltd with the help of Francesco Contino.
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      fvPatchField: Minor reformatting · 2d54b1d4
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      ODESolvers: Add support for efficient ODE solver resizing · a5d73747
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      Note: this reuses the existing storage rather than costly reallocation
      which requires the initial allocation to be sufficient for the largest
      size the ODE system might have.  Attempt to set a size larger than the
      initial size is a fatal error.
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