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      snappyHexMesh: Added "noRefinement" writeFlag to control the writing of... · 4e5dc434
      Henry Weller authored
      snappyHexMesh: Added "noRefinement" writeFlag to control the writing of cellLevel, pointLevel etc. files
      By default snappyHexMesh writes files relating to the hex-splitting process into
      the polyMesh directory: cellLevel level0Edge pointLevel surfaceIndex
      but by setting the noRefinement flag:
      these optional files which are generally not needed are not written.
      If you run the three stages of snappyHexMesh separately or run a dynamic mesh
      solver supporting refinement and unrefinement these files are needed
      and "noRefinement" should not be set.
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      blockMesh: Delete the polyMesh directory before meshing · 9b319dab
      Henry Weller authored
      unless the blockMeshDict is in the polyMesh directory or the "-noClean" option
      is specified.
      This avoids problems running snappyHexMesh without first clearing files from
      polyMesh which interfere with the operation of snappyHexMesh.
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      snappyHexMesh: Write correct refinement files once only · 192b5d91
      Henry Weller authored
      The files relating to the hex refinement are written out explicitly both by
      snappyHexMesh and dynamicRefineFvMesh and hence should be set "NO_WRITE" rather
      than "AUTO_WRITE" to avoid writing them twice.  This change corrects the
      handling of the "refinementHistory" file which should not be written by
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      functionObjects::volRegion: Improved parallel efficiency · 83a874cd
      Henry Weller authored
      Based on patch contributed by Kevin Nordin-Bates
      Resolves bug-report https://bugs.openfoam.org/view.php?id=2401
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      reactingFoam::setRDeltaT: Add support for limiting the local time-step by the reaction rates · 6cae0fda
      Henry Weller authored
      e.g. in the reactingFoam/laminar/counterFlowFlame2DLTS tutorial:
          momentumPredictor no;
          nOuterCorrectors  1;
          nCorrectors     1;
          nNonOrthogonalCorrectors 0;
          maxDeltaT       1e-2;
          maxCo           1;
          alphaTemp       0.05;
          alphaY          0.05;
              O2          0.1;
              ".*"        1;
          rDeltaTSmoothingCoeff 1;
          rDeltaTDampingCoeff 1;
      will limit the LTS time-step according to the rate of consumption of 'O2'
      normalized by the reference mass-fraction of 0.1 and all other species
      normalized by the reference mass-fraction of 1.  Additionally the time-step
      factor of 'alphaY' is applied to all species.  Only the species specified in the
      'Yref' sub-dictionary are included in the LTS limiter and if 'alphaY' is omitted
      or set to 1 the reaction rates are not included in the LTS limiter.
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      Rationalized heat release rate functions · b99817d9
      Henry Weller authored
      Combined 'dQ()' and 'Sh()' into 'Qdot()' which returns the heat-release rate in
      the normal units [kg/m/s3] and used as the heat release rate source term in
      the energy equations, to set the field 'Qdot' in several combustion solvers
      and for the evaluation of the local time-step when running LTS.
  17. 14 Dec, 2016 3 commits