1. 21 Dec, 2009 1 commit
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      Expose STL std streams in a consistent manner for serial streams. · 27926249
      Mark Olesen authored
      Previously Fstreams had stdStream() as a public member and the other
      streams had stream() as a protected member.
      All serial streams now have public method stdStream() and the stream()
      method has been eliminated. This is not only more consistent, but also
      avoids confusion (for the programmer, not the compiler) with the
      ITstream::stream() method.
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      PackedBoolList specializaton for operator= · 063d8ede
      Mark Olesen authored
      - now that I re-examined the code, the note in commit 51fd6327
        can be mostly ignored
        PackedList isMaster(nPoints, 1u);
        is not really inefficient at all, since the '1u' is packed into
        32/64-bits before the subsequent assignment and doesn't involve
        shifts/masking for each index
        The same misinformation applies to the PackedList(size, 0u) form.
        It isn't much slower at all.
        Nonetheless, add bool specialization so that it is a simple assign.
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      Use argList::addOption, argList::addBoolOption (almost) everywhere · 58b7e641
      Mark Olesen authored
      - ensure that the standard options (eg, from timeSelector) also have
        some usage information
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      argList fixes/enhancements · ca7acea5
      Mark Olesen authored
      - bugfix: noParallel() didn't remove 'parallel' from validParOptions
        allowing it to sneak through to the Pstream layer.
        noParallel() now clears the entire validParOptions as well
      - new convenience methods
        * addOption()
        * removeOption()
        * addBoolOption() - as per addOption(), but for bool options (no param)
      - printUsage() output format
        * options sorted alphabetically
        * options listed on separate lines for better readability
      - new optionUsage static member for short usage information about
        an option
        * corresponding addUsage() method or provide usage information
          in addOption() / addBoolOption()
  12. 02 Dec, 2009 3 commits
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      Cosmetic changes. · bd8ff136
      henry authored
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      use PackedBoolList typedef instead of PackedList<1> · 51fd6327
      Mark Olesen authored
      PackedList constructor initializes to zero, faster not to do it
          PackedList foo(nPoints);
          PackedList foo(nPoints, 0);
      saves an extra nPoints operations with shifts/masks etc.
      If speed is important, change this type of code
          PackedList isMaster(nPoints, 1u);
          for (loop)
              if (condition)
                  isMaster.set(i, 0u);   // unset bit
          return isMaster;
      into this:
          PackedList notMaster(nPoints);
          for (loop)
              if (!condition)
                  notMaster.set(i, 1u);
          return notMaster;
      or this:
          PackedList isMaster(nPoints);
          for (loop)
              if (condition)
                  isMaster.set(i, 0u);
          return isMaster;
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